Hospital Charity Partnership

Recently we have partnered with Friends of Ronald Ross Hospital Charity (FRRH) to help improve the facilities and conditions of the Ronald Ross Hospital in Zambia, Mufulira. With a % of revenue donated for each sale during the upcoming months in 2021.

Friends of Ronald Ross Hospital is a registered charity founded in the UK that seeks to preserve and protect the health of Patients of Ronald Ross Hospital in Mufulira, Zambia by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, support services and equipment to the hospital. Due to the poor funding they get from state authority, much of the hospitals facilities and infrastructure is it a very low standard and therefore the health of many patients is compromised. FRRH are run to improve these conditions and aim to offer a better chance at life for everyone who is admitted into the hospital. 



BLM-Belly Mujinga

With the continuous injustice inflicted on black people across the world and most notably in 2020, we looked to spread awareness and make a difference. Belly Mujinga was sadly victim to the institutional racism we see across many areas of life. In learning of her death and other events of racism we made a BLM T shirt to contribute to the funding of her funeral. The Top not only spread awareness but helped the family of Belly in giving her the proper send off she deserved.